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1st International “Magma Art” Open Call Online Group Exhibition

17 Kas 2023 - 30 May 2024


1st International “Magma Art” Open Call Online Group Exhibition

Art is considered a universal language that brings together cultures, thought systems and emotional riches. “1st International “Magma Art” Open Call Online Group Exhibition” is an exhibition of talented artists who come together to celebrate this universal language and bring the warmth of art to the audience.

Magma is a power that boils deep underground and shapes the universe. Similarly, art is a force that rises from the inner world of artists. This exhibition shows how this artistic “magma” transforms into various forms of expression. Participating artists come from different cultures and disciplines and came together to explore and expand the boundaries of art. Participants aimed to influence the audience by reflecting their feelings, thoughts and experiences in their works. The works in the exhibition carry a deep and impressive meaning, regardless of their size.

This group exhibition aims to bring together viewers with the universal language of art. Art lovers are invited to experience these impressive works, take a journey into the minds of the artists and feel the warmth of art.

Save the dates now to experience this warm art experience. “Magma Art International Invited Artist Group Exhibition” is an opportunity for everyone who wants to discover and share the power of art.

  • Date: 17 Kas 2023 - 30 May 2024

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