Fang-Pang, Chang

Mr.Chang Teach Shih Chien University, Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising as Assistant Professor, He served as the final Jury for the 6th International Poster Biennale Lublin 2023 , Canadian International Poster Competition Jury, the 2023 CIDEA International Jury Team, and has curated international exhibitions in the Czech Republic and South Korea. He won the Dubai EIPF Achievement Award and His creation was shortlisted for the Murakami Takashi GEISAI-TAIWAN # 3 Art Award, as well as two consecutive Asian Youth Creation Awards and other important awards. The artwork is part of the museum’s collection and is an independently created poster piece. It has been exhibited in 23 countries and regions, including Turkey, Thailand, Czech Republic, Iran, Ukraine, Mexico, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, United States, Germany, Hungary, Dubai, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, Estonia, Ecuador, Poland, and Denmark. 

Some of Works

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