Arkadiusz Marcinkowski

Arkadiusz Marcinkowski was born in 1970 in Poland. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.vIn 2020, he obtained the rank of professor from the President of Poland. Professor at WSUS in Poznań, serving as vice-rector. Arkadiusz has been the visionary behind many individual exhibitions. He has been a pivotal participant in dozens of group exhibitions, both in Poland and internationally, including countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Taiwan, Israel, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Mexico, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK, and the USA. His artistic pursuits encompass digital graphics, AI-enhanced digital art, video art, graphic design, painting, and spatial actions.

Some of Works

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